Hungry Shark Free

Hungry Shark Free for Android 1.9.0

The greatest predator in the ocean

Hungry Shark Free gives you a taste of what it would feel like to be the greatest hunter in the ocean. View full description


  • Simple. but addictive gameplay
  • Easy to play, difficult to master
  • Two control schemes


  • Small control learning curve
  • Sometimes unfair gameplay

Very good

Hungry Shark Free gives you a taste of what it would feel like to be the greatest hunter in the ocean.

Swimming through the ocean and devouring almost everything in sight, Hungry Shark Free places players squarely in the control of one of the greatest fish in the ocean, the Great White shark.

Put simply, Hungry Shark Free allows players to swim in the ocean and eat a huge variety of sea life and the unfortunate swimmer or diver. A time-based arcade app, Hungry Shark Free requires that it constantly be fed. The gameplay of Hungry Shark Free focuses on constantly eating to help Hungry Shark grow into a larger carnivore and maintain its health, which also functions as the timer for the app. The more Hungry Shark eats, the faster he grows.

Hungry Shark Free can either be controlled by the accelerometer or touch controls, guiding Hungry Shark to its various prey. While the controls are a little loose, there is more than enough for Hungry Shark to attack. Prey includes different species of fish, arctic wildlife, and deep sea creatures.

The level contains many places where Hungry Shark can swim from shallows, the open ocean, and far beyond normal ocean depths. Exploring branching paths is also possible, but keep in mind that the health timer is always counting down, so eating to stay healthy is necessary. Hungry Shark can also be damaged by defensive sea life and the occasional undersea mine, so while it is on the top of the food chain, it can be harmed.

Hungry Shark Free is limited to 12,500 points, but that takes some practice to reach; more than enough gameplay.

Hungry Shark Free is fun to play because it only has one real goal: eat and keep eating.

Hungry Shark Free


Hungry Shark Free for Android 1.9.0